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            Established during 1990s, EAST FIELD MACHINERY has been aiming to offer a choice of high quality machines, and now becomes a group company with 6 factories in China, specialize in the design and manufacture of Wood Working, Metal Working and Construction Machines.

            Our products has been exporting to Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia etc. with total more than 70 countries and enjoying high reputation. We have our own trading house for export and our own R & D department for developing new products for all of our factories. A professional Q.C. team is working in the workshops to check every lot of products before shipment, for ensuring the quality products for customers. The sales department works for exporting and offering you a prompt business contact plus satisfactory after sales service.

            Working with us , we ensure you reasonable price, reliable quality and dependable after sales service.

            公司地址:青島市嶗山區海爾路63號數碼科技中心南樓907 郵編:266100 業務電話(TEL):0536-80999262 傳真(FAX):0536-80999920
            E-MAIL:henry@eastfieldcn.com 網址:www.eastfieldcn.com
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            電話:0532-67766317 18561692952 傳真:0532-67766317
            網址:www.mediabackspin.com 郵箱:zywma@126.com 地址:青島市城陽區重慶北路275號紫鑰國際301-302
            青島市木工機械協會版權所有 魯ICP備2021039814號 技術支持:華夏商務網


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